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Networked Supply Chain Automation

Founded in 2008, TraceGains connects people and information so teams can work smarter. As a global technology company, we provide networked innovation and compliance solutions to consumer brands that want to reduce supply chain risk, speed up business processes, and take control of their data. On average, companies find 80% of their suppliers already on TraceGains Network, allowing them to instantly connect and collaborate.

The Power of TraceGains Network

TraceGains Network is where professionals in R&D, procurement, quality, and regulatory departments connect with suppliers and co-manufacturers to safely bring new products to market faster. Thousands of supplier locations and data sources are combined to identify and qualify new vendors, precisely source raw materials, items, ingredients, packaging, and services, request samples, negotiate specifications, and automatically collect supporting documentation.


  • Customers can request documentation from all suppliers with one action.
  • Suppliers can submit information, documentation, and online forms to all customers at once.


  • Based on best practices from several hundred food and beverage companies and SIDI Protocol standards within the supplement industry.
  • Suppliers fill out ONCE
    • 71 standard industry document types
    • 62 PostOnce® documents
    • 38 standard online forms

"I explained to the auditor that we use TraceGains. The auditor said he was very familiar with TraceGains and that he didn’t need to question any further. We did really well! I just wanted to let you know how important TraceGains is to KanPak.”

-Carolyn Kuntz, Purchasing Agent, KanPak

Faster, Better Product Quality, Compliance , and Innovation with TraceGains

Supplier Management

  • Streamlines the management of supplier qualification, documents, and relationships.
  • Highlights risk by supplier, item, and geography, identifying the most critical threats.
  • Ensures businesses are 365 Audit ReadyTM, cutting audit preparation time from weeks to hours.
  • Provides dashboards for allergen, organic, country of origin, nutrition, risk, and other data.

Quality Management

  • Helps maintain compliance with FSMA, HACCP, and GFSI, utilizing a centralized repository for safety, SOPs, and quality documentation.
  • Provides immediate insight into plant floor and quality operations.
  • Enables continuous improvement by digitizing and analyzing all quality data in one system.
  • Centralizes training program management with automated checklists by employee, job role, and department.

Audit Management

  • Automates and streamlines the entire audit process, providing deep insight into facility performance.
  • Allows users to schedule, conduct, and track audits on a single platform with a desktop or mobile device.
  • Provides pre-loaded templates and customization options.
  • Tracks the audit process with notifications, workflows, and task assignments, flagging key findings and corrective actions in real-time.

Customer Management

  • Basic: Automates fulfillment of document requests from TraceGains customers through TraceGains Network.
  • Premium: Enables management of all documents and requests for every customer whether they are a TraceGains customer or not.
  • Allows suppliers to manage all customer needs by item, document, or location in a single platform.
  • Lets suppliers receive recommended locations from customers.

Specification Management

  • Allows teams to create, update, and publish raw material and finished goods specifications on a single networked platform.
  • Lets teams select suppliers to author or edit specifications, review or add comments, attach documents, negotiate terms, and approve or decline specifications.
  • Integrates with existing ERP or PLM systems to automate supplier collaboration and sign off.
  • Gives companies a world-class specification management solution without the cost of a full-blown PLM system.

Supplier Compliance

  • Automates lot-by-lot compliance across purchasing, COAs, receiving, testing, and the plant floor.
  • Provides scorecards for supplier performance based on continuous specification compliance, CARs/SCARs, and more.
  • Tracks issues and complaints across all suppliers that happen on the plant floor, in receiving, or in quality.
  • Allows users to quickly and easily issue Corrective Actions and Supplier Corrective Action Requests (CARs/SCARs).

Market Hub

  • Connects buyers directly with suppliers to request samples or answer questions.
  • Helps create the clean-label products customers now expect from brands they trust.
  • Provides geographic mapping capabilities to identify supplier locations, which can help reduce shipping time and cost.
  • Speeds up supplier qualification with standardized forms that reduce the administrative burden. 

Smart Alerts

  • Offers the best source for food and CPG regulatory, safety, incident, and fraud information.
  • Integrates hundreds of data sources with a comprehensive taxonomy to deliver precise sourcing fast. 
  • Enables research by commodity, country of origin, threat type, supplier, date of event, and more.
  • Sends automatic alerts for key ingredients and formulas, and daily system updates on new and emerging issues to make it easy to stay current.

TraceGains Network

  • Delivers a robust sourcing directory for manufacturers and brand owners to find and qualify items, packaging materials, and service providers.
  • Allows users to procure new items or ingredients, request samples, and automatically collect supporting documentation from a growing library.
  • Connects departments with suppliers and co-manufacturers over a common networked platform to speed up product development.
  • Automates and standardizes information exchange.

Formula Management

  • Allows teams to create, modify, review, edit, and update formulas and recipes while collaborating with suppliers and co-manufacturers across a networked platform.
  • Connects teams with suppliers, items, and ingredients on TraceGains Network to speed up the formulation process.
  • Enables rapid digital prototyping using real ingredient and supplier data to achieve ideal product criteria faster.
  • Centralizes and organizes all past and present recipes and formulas with comprehensive roll-back capabilities.

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"When we’ve had instances of inaccurate information or mismatched data in the past, it would take up to a week to resolve it. Our quality or receiving team would have to go over to the procurement department to find the impacted supplier documents. Now, everyone knows to go to TraceGains, and the information we need is already there."

- Ted Nelson, QA Manager



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