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Food, Beverage, and Supplements Brand Owners and Manufacturers Struggle to Quickly Source Ingredients, Items, and Raw Materials

Food, beverage, and supplements companies have unique challenges:

  • Buyers have a hard time finding the right items and ingredients, hampering new product development, product reformulation, and production.
  • Incomplete online directories and general search engines produce off-target results making it challenging for buyers and sellers to find each other.
  • Online searches often provide thousands of results, forcing buyers to navigate multiple web pages looking for the right item.
  • Once items or ingredients are found, too much time and effort is spent reviewing documentation and on follow-up questions to verify key characteristics like organic, non-GMO, technical specs, etc.
  • Ordering samples, securing documents, and follow-up Q&A over the phone and through email is time consuming and inefficient.
  • Disconnects across Quality, Procurement, and Regulatory departments can cause further delays.

Achieve Precise Sourcing Fast with Market Hub

TraceGains Market Hub is a robust sourcing directory for ingredients, items, packaging, and service providers. When your team needs to find a new item, raw material, or ingredient, speed and accuracy are crucial to keeping R&D moving and Quality covered. Search by country of origin, location, halal, kosher, allergens, organic, and several other filters to quickly find what you need. No more calling around or sending emails, just fast, secure, qualified procurement.

Did you know your team can source from your approved suppliers on Market Hub? On average, companies find 80% of their suppliers already on Market Hub. Just connect, filter your ingredient search by connected suppliers, and you have your target list. And if your current suppliers don't carry the ingredient you're looking for, simply remove the filter and find other qualified suppliers that meet your specifications. And the best part? All the required documents are instantly available the moment you connect from an ever-growing library. With a supplier network spanning the globe, teams can rapidly cut time to market with precise sourcing fast.

Market Hub is Complimentary with Supplier Management
If you own TraceGains Supplier Management, you also own Market Hub. The combined solution allows companies to take control of their supply chains.



Delivers quick access to raw materials, ingredients, packaging, and more from qualified suppliers



Allows teams to create and maintain item/ingredient lists based on precise criteria: organic, non-GMO, etc.



Helps create the clean-label products customers now expect from brands they trust



Gives manufacturers and brand owners more choice to negotiate terms and meet exact specifications



R&D, Quality, Procurement, and Regulatory departments can share notes within Market Hub for faster sourcing



Allows teams to connect with suppliers to instantly collect documentation, collaborate, request samples, and more

Key Features


Market Hub spans 150 countries, and contains 35K supplier locations, 300K ingredients and items, and over two million documents


Manufacturers and brand owners connect with suppliers over a networked platform that streamlines and automates collaboration


Advanced search criteria help teams quickly achieve precise sourcing for items, ingredients, packaging, services, and more


Mapping functionality allows teams to search for suppliers based on geographic location, saving time and money on transportation costs


Standardized forms reduce the administrative problem of managing multiple document formats during qualification


Quality teams can pre-qualify suppliers with instant access to compliance documentation to speed up the  procurement process 

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Advanced search criteria like country of origin, organic, non-GMO, kosher, and more delivers precise sourcing fast.

"We used Market Hub to identify a supplier for an ingredient and were able to complete the necessary qualification activity within a week using TraceGains – a process that has historically taken several weeks to months! The supplier recently received their first large purchase order!"

– Sarah Hazaert, Supply Quality Manager, Nature’s Way

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