Denis Storey

Denis Storey
Denis Storey is the content marketing specialist at TraceGains.

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Co-Manufacturers Ride Private Label Sales Wave

Food, beverage, and dietary supplement companies flirted with co-manufacturers and co-packers for years but fully embraced them as supply chain partners in the aftermath of a historic global supply chain collapse. Outsourcing core manufacturing –...

The Secret to Working with a Co-Man

Consumer packages goods (CPG) brands – especially in the food, beverage, and dietary supplements space – have increasingly turned to contract manufacturers to adapt to shifting economic conditions.

Democrats Introduce Marijuana Bill in the Senate

A decade after Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana for recreational use – and nearly 50 years after Oregon decriminalized the drug, the federal government took another step closer to following suit.

Mandatory Product Listing Inches Closer to Reality

After years of inaction, Congress appears poised to act on the dietary supplement industry’s greatest fear: a mandatory product registry.

Master the Modern Supply Chain

Nearly 30 months after a pandemic crippled the global supply chain, suppliers and manufacturers are still scrambling to return to something resembling normal.

It’s Time to Get Over Excel

We all know the story so well that it’s become cliché: nerdy friends get together on the weekends to build some critical component of the next generation of technology – whether it’s software or hardware.

The Supply Chain Won’t Survive Without Sustainability

Even before 2020-21 upended the food and beverage market, most brand owners had already recognized the writing on the wall regarding sustainability. But companies must battle conflicting currents when navigating these choppy waters.

Supply Chain Disruptions Plague the EU, UK Markets

As the world’s economies crawl out from under the shadow of the pandemic, no country – or region – has been able to escape supply chain issues, inflationary pressure, and the repercussions of geological conflict.

The US, EU Revive Shellfish Trade

After more than a decade adrift, the United States and the European Union wrapped up talks in February for the “resumption of bilateral trade in bivalve molluscan shellfish.”

New FDA Commissioner Hits the Ground Running

It didn’t take the new U.S. Food and Drug Administration Commissioner – returning chief Dr. Robert Califf – long to make his presence felt.