Co-Manufacturers Ride Private Label Sales Wave

Food, beverage, and dietary supplement companies flirted with co-manufacturers and co-packers for years but fully embraced them as supply chain partners in the aftermath of a historic global supply chain collapse. Outsourcing core manufacturing –...

Ingredient Agility Fuels Brand Agility

A multitude of issues spawned the supply chain crisis that surfaced during the pandemic, a nightmare scenario for businesses and consumers alike. Unfortunately, as time passes, those same issues persist.

The Secret to Working with a Co-Man

Consumer packages goods (CPG) brands – especially in the food, beverage, and dietary supplements space – have increasingly turned to contract manufacturers to adapt to shifting economic conditions.

How New Product Development and Reformulation Are Changing

Food and beverage consumers are changing, and so are their attitudes about food. And the aftershocks of the pandemic have fundamentally altered how we interact with brands and their products.

Democrats Introduce Marijuana Bill in the Senate

A decade after Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana for recreational use – and nearly 50 years after Oregon decriminalized the drug, the federal government took another step closer to following suit.

Coffee Talk: Greg Heartman Returns to Talk Centralized Data

We wrap up this limited Coffee Talk blog series by circling back with TraceGains Vice President of Product Greg Heartman, who shares what we’ve been up to this year and where we’re headed.

Coffee Talk: Regulatory Standards Manager Talks Standard Forms

In this penultimate chapter of our limited series showing what we’re been working on at TraceGains, we sit down with with Regulatory Standards Manager Kari Barnes.

How to Overcome Supply Chain Challenges and Disruptions

The supply chain features countless moving parts. Any minor disruption can be catastrophic to the entire system. Any shifts that harm any aspect of the supply chain are a disruption or challenge. In recent years, supply chains have faced massive...

Mandatory Product Listing Inches Closer to Reality

After years of inaction, Congress appears poised to act on the dietary supplement industry’s greatest fear: a mandatory product registry.

Principal Product Manager John Thorpe Explains the TraceGains Ecosystem

In this new installment of our limited series revealing more of what we do at TraceGains, we chat with Principal Product Manager John Thorpe.